BDS-Business Developement

Improving operational company performance.

BDS also provides its extensive expertise to clients outside business development projects. In this case, BDS primarily advises manufacturing and automotive companies on questions relating to the entire value chain, from purchasing to the after-sales process.

Based on our team’s expertise, we focus on the following areas:

• Purchasing
• After-sales


Due to the decreasing real net output ratio, purchasing is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, companies need to have a highly effective purchasing organization in order to secure a long-term international competitive advantage.

BDS helps clients develop this highly effective purchasing organization, define effective purchasing and material group strategies, and implement an efficient purchasing controlling to measure whether objectives have been achieved. BDS can even assume the role of a strategic purchaser and take over the purchasing responsibility, acting as interim manager.


With competition constantly on the rise, after-sales play a key role. After-sales is not only a very effective means to achieve customer loyalty, but also contributes to the operating results by generating higher margins. This is why competition in the after-sales area has become more intense.

The structure of the competition is different as well. In the after-sales area, company's own suppliers often become competitors. BDS helps clients navigate this issue and find solutions to these strategic challenges; for example, by using a customer-oriented focus when aligning the logistics strategy or by implementing specific key account management. Leading OEMs trust the experience and expertise of BDS and its partners.