BDS-Business Developement

Our projects at a glance.

This page provides a short overview of the projects that we have successfully completed together with our clients. These case studies provide an insight into our projects and represent only a small selection.

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Market and company analysis for strategic investors

A strategic investor with a diversified portfolio (trade companies etc.) was looking for new investment opportunities. Various options had already been defined internally during a preliminary project from a large number of prospects based on various criteria (e.g. ethical guidelines, alignment with a corporate philosophy).

BDS was asked to evaluate three of these options. A quantitative analysis of market sizes and market potentials was conducted and supported by expert interviews. Afterwards, BDS analyzed the most important market participants as well as the competitive environment. This was followed by a detailed analysis of the selected market participants (potential takeover candidates).

At the end of the project, the client received an overview of various markets and their respective potential as well as a detailed investment recommendation including an evaluation of potential takeover candidates.

Market potential analysis for a joint venture

A joint venture company in the automotive and telecommunications industry was looking for ways to implement new business models within its existing technical infrastructure (inside-out approach).

The technical performance capacity of the existing infrastructure and legal framework conditions were analyzed and then used to develop several different business models. For certain business models, BDS analyzed the competitive situation, identified the relevant drivers in the competition and developed various competition scenarios.

One business model was developed in detail in the form of a business blueprint. This process included, among other things, drafting an organizational and operational structure as well as creating a business plan including a sensitivity analysis. BDS compiled the project results in the form of a decision draft for the respective company's board of directors.

Optimizing after-sales logistics for an automotive manufacturer

The client was faced with the challenging situation of balancing a growing spare part assortment that was also becoming more varied due to increasing numbers of models and options offered. The prevailing economic situation was forcing a growing number of companies to reduce their inventories. The reduced inventory situation, however, resulted in customers often purchasing parts from a competitor if it was not immediately available ("lost sale").

BDS conducted a requirements analysis and analyzed the most frequent reasons for lost sales. This information was used to look at several spare part parameters. Then an algorithm was developed to identify specific spare parts that the client should always have in stock. Initial pilot projects in various countries resulted in double-digit sales growth for this defined assortment.